This is the Markus and José story. Two guys who meet in Standfor University during summer 2009. Both were studying Computer Science and playing football after classes. But they really liked and enjoy together was to discover the most weird restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area. 

Markus and José spent whole weeken around San Francisco trying and eating in restaurants with 2 particularity:

  1. Food made from non-native American people. Examples: Japanese, Italian, Korean, Vietnam etc.
  2. Restaurants based in side streets or hidden from high ones.

After triying the most unusual places in the Bay Area, Markus and José explained in a blog their experience with dishes from weird and far places of the world. 

Back in 2011 Foodout was acquired by Business Insider for about 1Million Dollar in cash, but it was later to stop those two guys from working on the food market. Then Restauranty was founded.

Restauranty was born as a restaurant directory for foodies in San Francisco looking for something special, different and out of the paid advertising listings. Their excellent experience with and the close relationships with the restaurant owners, allow Markus and José buid and strong directory in few days. 

In early 2011 the venture capital Google Ventures invested 4Million dollars to boost Restauranty and expand its areas out of the Bay. Los Angles, Austin, New York, Chicago were their first destinations. With more than 150k restaurant directory, Restauranty became the most used restaurant directory in United States.

Nowadays with 100 employees and 1 Million restaurants in its lisitng. Restauranty is the most democratized and trusted restaurant guide in America with 19 Million visits monthly and 5 Million active users, reviewing their restaurants.