1. I am living in Boston and you don't have restaurants here, What should I do?

    We are glad you visited Restauranty, unfortunately we are not in Boston yet. But you have 2 options:1.- Fly to a current available Restauranty city and enjoy.2.- Wait to our team to reach your city, we are on our way to Boston! Read more.

  2. Is Restauranty Free

    Yes, absolutely free and forever. however we love tips and donations. If you like our site and want to contribute our growth, please donate ;) Read more.

  3. I am the owner of a restaurant listed here, what sould I do?

    Welcome to Restauranty and congratulations, we publish only the best #10 restaurants of each city. You can learn what your audience is saying about your business! If you find any listing error, please let us know. Read more.

  4. Can I pay to put my restaurant in the first position?

    Not really. We don't like to be corrupted for money. We position the restaurants by our own criteria. We don't like money, we prefer to work for free and be very happy!!!!! Read more.

  5. Can I review restaurants without registration?

    Sorry, we don't allow reviews without registration. It is better for all of us to know you an create value from trusted reviews Read more.

  6. Can I bookmark restaurants?

    Of course, you can click on the "heart" button you will find on the restaurant's profile and you will save it in your bookmark's list. Read more.

  7. Can I claim a restaurant?

    At this moment admin can only post restaurants, but we will see in the future Read more.